Laracon Live Blog Day 1

Update: We are going to stop the live blog for today. The workshops style talks are not ideal for live blogging.

Welcome to day one of Laracon US. Today features three workshop talks and we will be live blogging each one here.

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Voting: Part 2

We’re still working on the voting functionality, so let’s get back into it in this lesson. We’ll set up the necessary endpoints, create a form, and then refactor our existing logic just a bit.
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LN 22: The Laracon Interview Episode

Laravel News Podcast Laracon Edition

A special “Laracon” edition of the podcast.

In this episode, we chat with all the speakers that are scheduled to give the first-day workshops. These include Taylor Otwell, Evan You, Adam Wathan, and Chris Fidao.

The topics include information about their talks, projects they’re working on, getting the most out of the conference and more. There’s great stuff here, even if you’re not attending!

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Taylor Otwell Asked the Community About Their Experience Contributing To Laravel

Laravel Community

Taylor created a feedback thread on Reddit asking the community on why they do not contribute as well as asking for suggestions on how to manage issues.

Taylor said in the thread, “One thing that has been bothering me is I have seen a few people say they don’t contribute to Laravel because it seems like PRs get closed or shot down without much explanation. It’s hard to tell how many people are actually experiencing this issue. However, even a few cases is something that really bothers me and I want to improve.”

Taylor continues, “My biggest challenge is the “Issues” tab on GitHub. It gets a lot of activity and its hard to filter out genuine issues from support requests, configuration problems, general questions, etc”.

The responses included a lot of honest feedback and many mentioned that the way Graham closes issues is a big turn off and one of the primary reasons people are reluctant to contribute. At the same time, he contributes a lot to the framework and knows a lot about PHP, Composer, and the whole ecosystem.

Taylor took the blame for the way the issues and pull requests have been handled. “I have been asking Graham to manage issues when really I think he shines best in other areas of contribution. We can make some changes where Graham can still contribute in a very valuable way, just perhaps not as the only person doing front-line issue support, which is probably better suited for a team of people that is more gifted with “customer support” type skills.”

As the framework grows and matures hitting growing pains like this is inevitable, and to help make contributing better for everyone they are going to try and expand the number of people who help triage the issues. This way it will help prevent burnout and have more eyes and minds on what is coming in.

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Mobirise v3.0: Brand-new free theme with new blocks, fonts, colors, icons

mobrise3The new version 3 of Mobirise Website Builder is out. Zero coding, drag-and-drop site creation. Fully responsive, Bootstrap based.

What’s new in v3.0:
* Brand-new free default theme – new blocks, colors, fonts, icons
* New image gallery and slider – now with video slides
* New dropdown menu – included by default
* Fixed Google Maps
* Improved inline editor – works faster
* Massive bug fixes

Intro to PDO

Now that you understand what a class is, we can get back to fetching your first results from the database. To do so, we’ll leverage PHP’s PDO library, and create a prepared statement.
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Laravel 5.3 changes the “app” folder

As we are getting closer to the launch of Laravel 5.3 new features, seem to come out almost daily. The latest is a change to the “App” folder and in a move to simplify it, the Events, Jobs, Listeners, and Policies folders are now gone.


It remains fully backward compatible and if you run any Artisan “make:” command related to these features the folder will get added back.

This change is a purely stylistic and for those just starting with the framework it should reduce the cognitive load to get going.

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Classes 101

I know you’re excited about MySQL, and want to fetch records using PHP. However, we need to make one quick pit stop. We must learn the basics of writing classes, and creating objects. So let’s tackle that in this episode, and then I promise we’ll move on to writing SQL queries with PHP.
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How Do I Unit Test Eloquent Models?

So how are you supposed to unit test Eloquent models again? You’re not the first person to ask this question. The answer is, well, you don’t! In this lesson, I’ll demonstrate exactly how I go about it.

Thanks so much to Bart Jacobs for the question. If the rest of you have any questions that could be answered in video-form, tweet your question and add the hash tag, #helpMeLaracasts.
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