Vue Convenience Components

In this lesson, come along as I refactor my "slide up" modal Vue components. The goal will be to ensure that future modals will be as simple and intuitive as possible to construct and configure.
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Event Fakery

Let’s drop down a level and write a test to ensure that, when experience is awarded to a user, an announcement (or event) is made to the rest of our application. Later, we’ll listen for this announcement and grant any necessary achievement badges to the user.
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Begin With an Example

Like so many other things in life, starting a new feature is the hardest part. We’re creating something out of nothing. It’s not an easy task to define how that "something" should appear. But we’ll try. Let’s begin with one example of how the system should behave, using TDD.
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Piece By Piece Mobile Tweaking

The dream is that, as you construct a page, you follow a mobile-first cycle: make it look nice on mobile devices, and then build out from there. The truth, sadly, is that this isn’t always so easy. What happens when you have a Photoshop design that only illustrates the desktop view for a particular page? How do you follow mobile-first-design when you don’t yet know how it should appear on those devices? This is the reality for countless businesses.

In this lesson, we’ll review a section of the new Laracasts design that hasn’t yet been optimized for mobile users. We’ll review where things went wrong, while making mental notes for how to protect against this in the future.
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Laravel 5.6.26 Released

Laravel 5.6.26 was released June 20th with allowing the passing of the recipient name in mail notifications; the table name is now passed to post-migration create hooks, array/collections are now allowed in ‘Auth::attempt()’, and more. Learn more about the new features, changes, and fixes in this release.

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