Whispering Client Events

From time to time you’ll want to trigger an event that is dispersed to all fellow clients connected to your private Pusher channel, without going through your backend server. A common example of this is the "JohnDoe is typing…" feedback you might receive when a friend is typing a text message reply. Let’s review exactly how to allow for such functionality in this episode.
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Upgrading to Laravel 5.6

It looks like we have a pull request to upgrade Council to Laravel 5.6. Let’s work through that PR in this episode, at which point half-way through, we’ll encounter an odd, mysterious application bug related to foreign Sqlite constraints in 5.6.
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Testing Length Validation in Laravel

I thought it might help people new to the Laravel framework and testing, to walk through how to test length validation. When I say length validation, I mean the constraints of length that you might want to put on a string field.

For example, let’s say that we wanted to limit the length of a user’s real name to 50 characters; or if we restrict the email address to the database column length of 255. Along with the database constraints, we should add validation constraints to the controller when creating and updating records.

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