Batteriser extends battery life by 800 percent

by batteroo inc

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I use it? The Batteriser is incredibly simple and user friendly. You simply slip the battery into the sleeve, and leave the sleeve on the battery for the remainder of the time the battery is being used. Once the battery is completely dead, keep the Batteriser and discard the battery. Repeat.

Can I reuse my Batteriser? Yes. If handled properly, the battery sleeve is reusable. Please don’t intentionally bend or warp the sleeve.

Wait a second…how does it work? Good question! Batteriser is designed to boost the remaining voltage of a battery to an optimal level, therefore allowing the device to extract the remaining energy out of the battery.

Does the battery need to be “dead” before you use the Batteriser? No, you can start using the Batteriser at any time, even a brand new battery, and you will get the benefits of extended battery life.

Is the Batteriser available for different types of batteries? Yes, Batteriser will be available for AA, AAA, C, and D batteries. Sign up below to be invited to our special pre-launch event.

Will the Batteriser fit in my device? Batterisers are designed to be as compatible as possible across multiple devices. We did everything possible to account for design variations of battery compartments and inconsistencies in the batteries themselves. One especially difficult device to account for was the Apple Keyboard, which the Batteriser successfully fits. Take a look here and see for yourself!

Though we have tried our very best, there may be instances where the battery compartment is just too tight to accommodate the Batteriser.

You have mentioned the sleeve is made of stainless steel…is there a possibility of the Batteriser shorting? No, the sleeve is covered with a non-conductive coating, which prevents shorting.

Is there any concern if a person incorrectly places the battery upside down in the Batteriser sleeve? No, Batteriser has a reverse polarity protection mechanism to prevent any issues.  If the Batteriser is placed incorrectly over the battery, neither the Batteriser nor the device will operate. Simply re-insert Batteriser in the correct position, and watch it start working again.

Are there limitations on devices that can use the Batteriser based on the current consumptions? No, the Batteriser sleeve is designed to deliver as much current as a battery is able to supply to the device.