What is CocoaPods

CocoaPods is a dependency manager for Swift and Objective-C Cocoa projects. It has over 37 thousand libraries and is used in over 2.5 million apps. CocoaPods can help you scale your projects elegantly.

Notepad++ 7.5.1 new features

Notepad++ 7.5.1 new features/enhancements & bug-fixes:
1. Fix some excluded language cannot be remembered bug.
2. Fix a localization regression bug.
3. Fix the bug that Notepad++ create “%APPDATA%\local\notepad++” folder in local conf mode.
4. Add Visual Prolog language support.
5. Add auto-completion support for batch file (*.bat).
6. Enhance Function List for PHP and JavaScript.
7. Enhance Shortcut Mapper by adding category column.
8. Make double click work for language menu disabling/enabling in preferences dialog.
9. Make double click work to improve file extension movement in Preferences dialog.
10. Fix bug: language menu item is restored back on the wrong zone.
11. Add a spiritual quote.

Included plugins:
1. NppExport v0.2.8 (32-bit x86 only)
2. Converter 4.2.1
3. Mime Tool 2.1

Updater (Installer only):
* WinGup v4.1

How to fix problems with downloading emails from Gmail account

You may have to perform these steps once set up is complete:

Mobirise v4.1 Release – New Features, Blocks, Fixes

The new 4.1 Release of Mobirise Website Builder is out. Zero coding, drag-and-drop site creation. Free and mobile-friendly. 470,000+ awesome websites are already created with Mobirise!

New in v4.1:
* Brand-new core engine – faster and smoother
* New default Mobirise 4 theme – 108 new blocks
* Updated interface
* New CodeEditor
* Undo
* Versions for Mac and Windows
* 840 Google fonts
* Option to add any custom fonts
* Improved page management
* FTP client fixes
* Changes in inline editor

Use tomorrow’s CSS syntax, today

What is cssnext?

PostCSS-cssnext is a PostCSS plugin that helps you to use the latest CSS syntax today. It transforms new CSS specs into more compatible CSS so you don’t need to wait for browser support. You can literally write future-proof CSS and forget old preprocessor specific syntax.

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