Laravel Self-Diagnosis Package

Laravel Self-Diagnosis is a package by Marcel Pociot that performs self-diagnostics tests on your application. The checks include standard things like setting the ‘APP_KEY’ environment variable when checking out a new project. Learn how you can use this package to diagnose common configuration settings needed to start working on a Laravel application.

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Better Sizing and Spacing With rems

While pixels have long been the go-to unit for declaring font-sizes, the truth is that, these days, it’s not the best choice. What if, instead, we could declare our sizes and spacing dynamically, based upon the font-size of the root HTML element? Think about the possibilities. Your layout could scale seamlessly, from mobile to widescreen devices.
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Use the Forge SDK

It will come as no surprise that Forge offers an API to programmatically access all operations that can be accomplished through the browser. This means, if you wish, you can build your own applications and services on top of Forge.
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Redirect Traffic

Once your domain is configured with Laravel Forge, you can optionally configure a redirect to point non-www traffic to the www version, or of course the other way around. Let’s learn how to do this in Forge.
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SSL on Forge

Registering an SSL certificate on your server is usually a tricky and confusing process. But not with Laravel Forge!
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