Codeanywhere Launches New Version v.6.0


Codeanywhere v.6.0. is now Live

It has been in the making for a while, but the all new version of Codeanywhere is now live. There are a ton of new features, here is a list of the main things that have changed:

  • All new UI
  • Project based, separate your work logically and switch between your projects instantly.
  • Goto Anything, hit CMD+P (CTRL+P) to find anything, including commands.
  • GitHub/Bitbucket, repository import wizard.
  • Drag & drop files and folders from your desktop to Codeanywhere.
  • SSH terminal real-time collaboration.
  • Manage multiple containers in a project.
  • New preference options, configure every aspect of the interface globally or on a project basis.
  • Large file support, you can now open and save files with over 100,000 lines.
  • Upload files, you now have no limit to the size of a file you are uploading.
  • and many more