Notepad++ v7.5.9 bug-fixes & enhancement

1. Fix hanging problem while switching back a fully-folded document by using shortcut (Ctrl-TAB).
2. Fix possible file corruption during backup or power loss or other abnormal N++ termination.
3. Fix wrong backup file deleted issue.
4. Fix backup not fully disabled issue.
5. Add 2 command line flags “-notepadStyleCmdline” and “-z” for the replacement of notepad.exe.
6. Add new plugin API NPPM_REMOVESHORTCUTBYCMDID to allows plugins to remove unneeded shortcuts.
7. Fix Tail monitoring incoherent status after deleting a monitored file.
8. Fix issue with wrong smart highlighting when it is disabled.
9. Fix last active tab is ignored on Notepad++ restart issue.
10. Fix Tab non-responding by mouse click after dragging bug.
11. Fix switching back position restoring issue for wrapped document.
12. Add several spiritual quotes and a subtle Easter egg in the source code.

Included plugins:

1. NppExport v0.2.8 (32-bit x86 only)
2. Converter 4.2.1
3. Mime Tool 2.1
4. DSpellCheck 1.4.6

Updater (Installer only):

* WinGup (for Notepad++) v5.0.3