Start a voice search with Chrome



  1. In the top right corner of the page, click the blue Sign in button.
  2. Say “Ok Google” or click on the microphone icon on the right side of the search box .

Create a Google Calendar event: “Create a calendar event for dinner in San Francisco, Saturday at 7 PM.”

Set a timer: “Set a timer for 5 minutes.”

Set a reminder: “Remind me to call John at 6 PM” or “Remind me to buy Belgian chocolate at Ghirardelli Square.”

Call a friend or business: “Call Baskin Robbins.”

Find a movie: “What movies are playing tonight?” or “Where’s Hunger Games playing?”

Find nearby places: “Where’s the closest coffee shop?”

Find the time: “What time is it in London?”

Answer trivia questions: “Where was Albert Einstein born?” or “How old is Beyonce?”

Calculate the tip: “What’s the tip for 42 dollars?”

Translate words or phrases: “How do you say cucumber in Spanish?”

Define a word: “What does gluttony¬†mean?”

Convert between units: “What’s 16 ounces in pounds?”

Solve a math problem: “What’s the square root of 2209?”

Book a table: “Book a table for 2 at Cascal on Wednesday night.”