Big Sur – Facebook’s AI hardware design


Faster, more versatile, and efficient neural network training

Big Sur is our newest Open Rack-compatible hardware designed for AI computing at a large scale. In collaboration with partners, we’ve built Big Sur to incorporate eight high-performance GPUs of up to 300 watts each, with the flexibility to configure between multiple PCI-e topologies. Leveraging NVIDIA’s Tesla Accelerated Computing Platform, Big Sur is twice as fast as our previous generation, which means we can train twice as fast and explore networks twice as large. And distributing training across eight GPUs allows us to scale the size and speed of our networks by another factor of two.

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Schedule your post on facebook

postYou can prepare a post and schedule it to appear later by adding a date and time in the future before you post it. You can schedule a post up to 6 months in advance in 5-minute intervals.

To schedule a post:

Choose the type of post you want to create (ex: Status, Photo/Video) at the top of your Page’s Timeline
Type in any details you want to include
Click in the bottom left
Choose the date and time you want the post to appear
Click Schedule

If you choose a date in the past, the post will appear immediately in the appropriate place on your Page’s Timeline. All times correspond to the current time zone you’re in. Learn how to see and edit scheduled posts.