phpList 3.4.0 released: New REST API, campaign template, security update

phpList 3.4.0 released: New REST API, campaign template, security update

phpList 3.4.0 is a significant update that incorporates many changes, including jQuery security updates for phpList 3, a new campaign template, and the introduction of the new REST API powered by phpList 4. See the release notes for the full list of changes.

Use the ‘Updater’ link from your dashboard to get it, or see the Download page for full installation and upgrade instructions.

phpList 3.3.4 released

phpList 3.3.4 released: 3 new features, 5 UX improvements, 23 fixes

New functionality has been added

Checking lists your campaign is sending to, or has been sent to, is now even easier. To avoid possible mistakes in lists you have targeted, each campaign in the ‘Active’ and ‘Sent’ tab will have the lists conveniently displayed.

The new ‘Copy to draft’ button for sent campaigns will allow your campaign to stay in the sent tab with its own statistics, even if you wish to resend the content again.

phpList Upgrade

If you are upgrading from a previous version, then read our manual chapter on upgrading. The general procedure is as follows:

Backup your database
Copy your config.php file in a safe place
Download the latest version of phpList
Overwrite all of the code of the current version with the new one. You can upload the “lists” directory and all it contains
Copy your config.php back
Login to the phpList admin pages and click the “upgrade” link
Just to be sure, use the “Verify database structure” page to check that your database structure is correct

You may also wish to check the latest config.php and re-edit it to match your system.

phpList 3.3.2 released: New statistics, plugins, and fixes

phpList 3.3.2 is a new release with 2 new features, 4 plugins, 20 fixes, and 339 code commits.


  1. Fixed ‘unidentified bounces older than two months’ removal – Thanks to Duncan ,See the Pull Request
  2. Fixed orphaned database records following use of the deleteuser() function in file inc/userlib.php: records included in user_message_forward and linktrack_uml_click tables are now removed cleanly – Thanks to Duncan, See the Pull Request
  3. Fixed missing duplication validation when modifying a subscribers email, now checking if an email address has been entered and does not already exist when changing the email address – Thanks to Duncan, See the Pull Request
  4. Fixed phpList displaying without a theme when the function parse_ini_file() has been disabled. Now when that happens phpList will use the first theme that is found – Thanks to Duncan. See the Pull Request
  5. Fixed display of the selected theme’s directory instead of its name – Thanks to Duncan. See the Pull Request
  6. Fixed repeat message processing trying to copy an index, that caused a repeated campaign to eventually not to be sent because ‘finishsending’ date is in the past – Thanks to Duncan, See the Pull Request
  7. Fixed miscalculation of percentages on Campaign Statistics page
  8. Fixed input fields scale on campaign composer page on small screens
  9. Fixed lists not showing by default on ‘Send a campaign’ page in mobile view
  10. Fixed “Select the lists you want to exclude from this campaign” option only listing the category of lists on Trevelin
  11. Fixed the progress bar remaining visible after the processing of the message queue has finished
  12. Fixed rendering problems of the login page on Safari for Mac
  13. Replaced deprecated each() function in php 7.2 with the equivalent foreach() construct – Thanks to Duncan, See the Pull Request
  14. Fixed menu items of plugins being visible even though the plugin has not yet been enabled – Thanks to Duncan, See the Pull Request
  15. Fixed creation of unnecessary temporary file when exporting subscribers – Thanks to Duncan, See the Pull Request
  16. Fixed embedding of external images when running phpList from command line – Thanks to Duncan. See the Pull Request
  17. Several sets of changes to “Domain Statistics” page to make the results more consistent – Thanks to Duncan, See the Pull Request
  18. Changed default password hashing algorithm (some remaining instances from 3.3.1)
  19. Change the “From Field” on view campaign to print the full sender address, including email address so it is possible to determine on sent campaigns what address it was sent from
  20. Changed the info on “View a Campaign” page to print Campaign subject and Campaign alias, if the campaign has an alias set, for user reference.
  21. Change ‘View a campaign’ page title to use campaign title (not subject).

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