New Rumors About Windows 8.2 and Windows 9


Well known Russian leaker WZOR has made a number of claims regarding Windows 9 and Windows 8.1 Update 2 (or Windows 8.2). According to WZor, Windows 8.2 might be released later this year possibly in the Autumn.  Windows 8.2 is likely to be very similar to the Spring Update (Windows 8.1 Update) and may be called Windows 8.1 Update 2 (Autumn Update). This is still being debated internally at Microsoft. Part of the Autumn Update will include the Start Menu shown at Build and possibly “windowed” Metro apps.

Windows 9 is likely to contain a revamped Metro interface. The new start menu and windowed Metro apps will also be included in this update.  In the classic form the start menu will be available on devices without a touchscreen and on server systems. On systems with a touchscreen, the start button should be a different concept. Microsoft is considering making a free version of Windows 9 but a final decision has not been made on this issue.

In addition to these Microsoft is working on Windows Cloud. Myce reports:

According to WZOR there is a group working on a prototype operating system where the client software will be free to download and additional functionality requires a subscription.  The functionality to download the OS resides in the system’s BIOS. Once installed Windows Cloud requires an internet connection for full functionality. In offline mode the OS would be similar to Microsoft’s budget operating system, Windows Starter.

While these rumors are most likely accurate, keep in mind plans may change in the coming months. It appears nothing is set in stone quite yet.

Source: Myce

Android L Developer Preview

l-dev-prevIf you have Nexus 5 or 7 you can try the new Android L since 26 June. Google makes big changes on the way to kill the passwords with a method called personal unlocking. Google said that security is a key element for Android and its users. A new feature will enable users to unlock their smartphone when physically near enough a device like an Android Wear smart watch. It’s a bit like cars with key less entry.

Dave White – the grates shark painter

Apex_Diamond_Dust_Edition_lPrice: $2,500

15 color silkscreen with varnish, white diamond dust background, Somerset Satin White 410 gsm, deckled edge Edition of 50

Dave White is a contemporary British Artist who dedicates his work to celebrating popular culture and interpreting emotive issues.

2014 brings the debut solo exhibition ‘Apex’ at Gusford | los angeles, a feature in The Independent and further exhibitions in London and Asia to be announced.

Say hello to new ICQ


Meet the new generation of ICQ.  Enjoy free video calls, messages and SMS, social networks support and more.

New design
ICQ 8 allows you to chat the way you want: select either a single window mode to view your active contacts or tabs mode.
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